Lean on a community and Make the Jump with a group of no more than 10 people. See if this is the right fit for you and for the next available group jump.  

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Make the Jump on your own timeline. I offer different levels of personal support, tailored to your needs, while you are getting off of suboxone. 

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This is a class that has nothing to do with getting off of suboxone and everything to do with it. If you have ever wondered how the hell to meditate and things have looked bleek, this class is for you. 

Basic all around support-  This is for someone getting ready to make the jump. They know how to take care of themselves but need a little extra love during this time. 

You will have access to supplements at 30% off of MSPR. 

$324 or 

3 payments of $108

In the thick of it: You have made the jump and are freaking the fuck out. This is for you. You will have someone to talk to and get all of your crazy ideas out on and then I will bring you back down to earth. 


Next Level Shit: you love to pamper yourself and are not afraid to admit it. This is for the person that wants all around support but also likes someone telling them what to do. We will plan meals, I will send you supplements and we will be in close contact every day of your detox. 

This includes $108 of supplements 


or 5 payments of $108


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