Are you ready to get off of Suboxone? 

Have you talked to your doctor about getting off of Suboxone?

You don't have to do it alone. 

Pre-Jump Support Session

Making the Jump Support Sessions

After the Jump Support Sessions

single + ongoing sessions

Pre-Jump Support Session

Perfect for: planning your jump off of Suboxone 

Preparing to Jump Session

When extra support is what you need.


  • you want to make the jump off of Suboxone but are unsure where to start. 

  • you want/need more clarity around your why so you are super strong going into your jump.

  • you want to address your fears

  • you want to prepare yourself in the best way possible for your withdrawal and life after Suboxone. 

Preparing to Jump Sessions are tailored to meet your unique needs.

Your Preparing to Jump Session Includes: 

60 Minute Session

During our session we will go over the topics most important to you. You will leave with an actionable plan for making your jump. 

What to Expect:

Sessions will be held over Zoom or over the phone you will be sent a brief questionaire prior to our meeting. 

Investment: $85 for initial session

Tailored-to-what-you-need sessions 

Withdrawal Support Sessions

Perfect for: when your in withdrawal and need extra support. 

Making the Jump Sessions

When your going through it. 

You're tapering of or have already made the jump and you just know some extra support is what you need. 

You might need moral support, support coping with symptoms, ideas on what to nourish yourself with, or just want someone to tell you it will be alright. 

What to Expect:

You will receive 3 hours total of one on one support during this time. 

It is up to you to how long or short each session goes. 

You will also have acess to limited text support. 

Investment: $250 

A proven program for your success

Post-withdrawal Sessions

Perfect for: creating success after your jump.

After the Jump Session(s)

You made the jump (congrats), 

This is what comes next. 

You are off of Suboxone and you need support to stay off of Suboxone. 

This is a long term one-on-one relationship consisting of mutiple sessions to stratagize and optimize your new found freedom. 


This support session will take place in 10 one hour sessions

over 5 months. We will meet every week for the first three weeks followed by every other week for the following three sessions. The last 4 sessions will be held once a month.

What to Expect:

This will set you up for some serious success. 

A peak into what we will be working on. 

  • Rebuilding your nervous system

  • Mindfulness and meditation

  • Mindset, mindset mindset

  • Goal setting

  • Coping with cravings

  • And so much more!

Investment: $756


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