I'm Karen,Mat, LMT

I am a suboxone sobriety coach, an herbalist, a teacher,and a cheerleader for meditation committed to helping you transform into the person you most want to be.  


grew up in Eugene, Oregon in the 90s. The 90s were a perfect storm for me to fall under the spell of the poppy. Though my tenure as a heroin addict was short lived,   my tenure as a suboxone user/addict was not. After being on suboxone for 3 months shy of 8 years, I realized  it was time to let go of the entity that had clung on for so long.

In 2017, I was going to work with plant medicine in a deeper way; I knew that I wouldn't be able to connect in the ways that I wanted to because whatever plants I was working with, Suboxone would overpower. I also had an obsessive/compulsive relationship with Suboxone. This relationship with Subs was also getting in my way of working with plants. I decided it was time to let go and within a week I had taken my last dose. I felt like I was exorcising a demon, letting go of an entity that had sunk it's claws in years ago. 

When I was getting off of suboxone, I realized that there was no place to go online to get real information. Most of the articles on the rehab websites were bullshit, there was a shit ton of people's anecdotal stories of what worked for them, but I would often have to listen to 20 minutes of a video to get one helpful hint. With the help of, what seemed like 20 million resources, my husband, and my bestie living 5,000 miles away, my journey off of suboxone was successful. 


I decided to start Making the Jump to fill this need for people that are put on Suboxone with no real plan to ever get off. I am passionate about science and spirit and it is with this approach that I help people get off of Suboxone and on with their lives. 

Making the Jump

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