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Welcome to Making the Jump, a website dedicated to suboxone withdrawal and recovery. 

Most withdrawal timelines are 

unrealistic, this is a 

more realistic timeline for your bupe withdrawal.

Coping with 

Info on withdrawal symptoms and ways of coping with them. 


Personal Support

Get your personal support plan tailored to your needs. 


Articles about the world of Suboxone withdrawal and recovery.

My Approach

I am not a medical professional; I practice traditional Thai massage, dabble in Thai medicine, and practice western herbalism. I incorporate my own experience as well as empirical knowledge to provide information and support to those looking to get off of and stay off of buprenorphine. 

About me

I was on suboxone for eight years before finding the strength to get off. After doing a lot of self-work, I got to a point where I could no longer move forward while being on the medication and decided to make the jump.



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Anger Management

Stress Regulation

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